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Authentic Tuscan and Regional Italian Cuisine

Christianna Ricchi_014It is 2014 and we have just celebrated 25 years at the helm of the DC restaurant scene! My 18 years in the Tuscan countryside fueled the passion, authenticity and the magic for i Ricchi that has earned us accolades and awards such as the Hottest Restaurant in Washington and One of the Best Italian Restaurants in the World. In an age of constant change and innovation, we deliver what people expect of an Italian dining experience: comforting, authentic, quality food.  With a wine list that is 100% from Italian wineries, a wood-burning hearth that produces the signature taste of the Tuscan grill, and our updated twists on classic recipes, you will leave with an appreciation for the rustic country food of Italy. From the food, to the frescos on the walls, the original terracotta floors and antique olive oil urns, we want to transport you to Tuscany even if just for a little while.

-Christianne Ricchi

Tabarrini Wine Dinner – Join Us on December 6 and You Could Win a Trip to Umbria

On Saturday, December 6 at 7:30 PM, you’ll get to enjoy a 4-course dinner with homemade lasagna and grilled meats, 3 wines, and meet Daniele Sassi of Tabarrini Vineyards. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase the wines, and you may even win a a wine tour in Umbria with Via Umbria! Check out the menu and more details here.

DC Cocktail Week, November 17-23

We invite you to try a special cocktail during DC’s Cocktail Week. The Tuscan Tramonto, inspired by glowing orange sunsets, is the ideal balance of sweet (St. Germain) and bitter (Aperol) with subtle herbal tones (Vir Gin, single malt from Copper Fox Distillery) and a splash of fresh lime.

We’re pairing it with our house anise cured salmon with peppercorn aioli – the perfect foil for Aperol’s orange bitters and Vir Gin’s intense herbs. Served with briny greens, black olives and a crunchy garlic toast. $15

More about DC Cocktail Week.

Thanksgiving: Entertaining Ideas

As we prepare for the holidays, we’re faced with decisions for table decor, how we are going to prepare the turkey, and which cocktails will have broad appeal to our diverse guests. We’re solving a couple of these for you: On Tuesday, November 25, come to our holiday cocktail party as we sample drinks worthy of entertaining, and create a beautiful custom centerpiece for our Thanksgiving table. Palace Florists will be on hand to provide tips for creating the perfect arrangement. Tickets are $69 per person.

Lunch with Nutrition Expert Peter Greenlaw

On Tuesday, October 7, from 12:30-2:00 PM, I hope you can join us for lunch with Peter Greenlaw, author, TV host and nutrition expert. He will discuss the T.D.O.S. Syndrome, (Toxicity, Deficiency, Obesity and Stress) and the practical steps we can take to combat these destructive forces that are aging us, sucking our energy, and ushering in unwelcome pounds. Read more about Peter here.

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